Change, just for the sake of Change.



I’ve spoken to quite a few of my fellow salespeople out there in the last few weeks. A handful are having a hard time getting excited about 2015. We are eleven days into the new year. This is the time where we try to think about how we might do things differently. Remember how inspired we once were, when Steve Jobs taught us all to Think Different?

Oh c’mon and stop yawning.

If you are a sales rep and you are looking to make some changes in 2015, make sure you do it.  Why?  Don’t search for great reasons, because you might not find reasons that are good enough.  Let’s change, just for the sake of change. Let’s do things differently, just for the sake of doing things differently. Allow PSA to use our resources and partners to help you get a little bit better.

Do you want to get better at burs and polishers? Chair-unit-light? Nitrous? Cabinetry and Sterilization? Mechanical room? Cameras? Digital X-ray? Imaging software?  You want to learn how to sell into your competition’s imaging software?

Allow your manufacturer reps to help you make those changes. Show us that you want to know, and we will be excited to become your change agents.