Love this quote…

     “We try more to profit from always remembering the obvious than from grasping the esoteric.”

                                  Warren Buffett



Three Simple Ideas


1 People come first – business comes second.

2 We were taught as children that revenge is useless.

3 Remember to remain both calm and kind for good ethics.

Morality and suffering are directly linked.  Suffering, even in business, is the yard stick. Lots of suffering? – Highly unethical and immoral. Small amounts of suffering? – Slightly immoral and unethical.

As business decision-makers, we all need to keep these things in mind.



Pump up the Value (part 2)



I’ve written about Price and Value in the past. Let’s take a moment and look at these two words in a simple way.


It’s all numerics. Numbers are cruel and unforgiving. There is no room for presentation or subjectivity. Numbers leave little room for being creative, because it is all about the bottom line. Unfortunately, we can’t put our hands on the price and do much about it. Also, there is a constant as it pertains to Price. That constant is that Dentists would prefer to pay less-not more.

There is nothing we can do about Price other than send it to the printer.


Value can be affected by our own effort!

And here’s the thing – We all understand the concept of Price. There’s nothing there to discuss. But the Dentist, knowingly or unknowingly, is passionate about finding Value. Put yourself in the shoes of the Dentist for a moment and think hard about it. They want to be excited about what they get in exchange for their Capital! It is our job to provide that excitement and comfort.

Let’s not let price weigh us down. Let’s show the Dentists just what they didn’t know they were looking for. It will be fun and exciting.

Shameless plug : and here is a hint of what it might look like.


Joy and Learning



I think you could write the words Learning and Joy on a piece of paper. Then, you could just circle them both.

Both words in one circle, because they are one and the same.


Your Bones are Dental Equipment



Simple Sales Idea to take Seriously : If you’re bones don’t hold you up, your muscles will. The more muscles you use, the more fatigue you experience. When it comes to Dentistry, bones play the role of dental equipment. At Crown and Forest, we’ll teach staff how to get fitted into the stool so that your bones do most of the work.

Here is a video that clarifies this idea of the “bones holding us up.”

Here is a quick glance at Crown Seating’s amazing product line.


The Lollapalooza Effect


28895_The lollapalooza effect

Most people know the word Lollapalooza as the name of a traveling music/rock festival that started back in the 1990’s. I think the tour still takes place every other year (or something like that). However, the phrase, “Lollapalooza Effect,” was started by a man named Charlie Munger. Charlie is the Vice Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway and is Warren Buffett’s best friend. I’ve written about him in the past, and he largely influenced the title of this blog site.

The Dictionary defines Lollapalooza as “something great.” It gives an example of someone saying that a party they attended was a “Lollapalooza of a Birthday party!”  But, Charlie Munger and the musicians from the music festival mean something different. They mean that it is a combination of creative forces. These forces combine together like a snowball rolling down hill. Things compound, and the snow boulder becomes powerful and influencial. Let me clarify all this-

A Lollapalooza Effect is a combination of creative forces, and other forces that compound together to form an awesome force of Influence.


Ok Matt, what’s the hook? Well, I believe that the PSA Office project, whereby a Dentist chooses to do a full PSA office with Matt Highland, is an unbeatable option. Therefore, I believe that a PSA Office presentation has a true …..Lollapalooza Effect.


Combined and therefore compounded forces Of Influence:

-An excellent story to tell

-Pricing Bundle from One Rep

-Speed of ordering and quote-configuration with One Rep (phone appointments with catalogs and calculators)

-Incredible Pricing with One Rep’s creative bundling process

-Color, chrome, and other endless Design Features and Choices (see psamatt.com)

-Relationship-(I’ve never been shrewd. I want a win-win-win situation).

-Details-notetaking, checklists, thought. (extra hve’s, qd’s, experience)


-Gratitude-I’m so thrilled right now about the many projects I’m involved in.

-Pricing Contrast- The PSA Office is truly and contrastingly less expensive than most.

-awesome quality through simplicity and correct thinking

-market Leading products

-photography, familiarity, etc. (psamatt.com)

-freedom and flexibility to solve problems (PSA smallness/agility)

In closing, I just wanted to make a point here to anyone who reads this, that the PSA Office is, indeed….a Lollapalooza. This combination of forces creates something amazingly great. Please tell this creative story to Dentists that you meet, and what you’ll find is that you’ve accomplished the one thing that you want to accomplish the most. Influence.