The 7 Ingredients- Enthusiasm


I’d like to discuss #1 of the “7.” Enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is not just something where you just flick a switch. Instead, it an opportunity to be creative in your product knowledge and your presentation. And, hey, it doesn’t hurt to make a bit of a commitment to having an enthusiastic tone in your voice. After all, target-oriented confidence is all about enthusiasm! So, what would a creative person do if he/she wanted to create some initial enthusiasm in their performance? Ask a question.

Presently, what is exciting about what I am trying to sell? Why is the manufacturer excited and proud of this product. Maybe, it’s just the simple track record. Maybe, it’s the fact that so many have jumped on board. Maybe, it’s because you can boldly give a list of testimonials about the success of this item. Once you have the answers to these questions, now you can creatively write out an enthusiastic opener to be the starting point for your high quality conversation.

Example: Forest Comfort Stool: “Finally, a dental stool that we can actually get excited about! This is the Forest comfort stool! It is the only stool that is truly designed for the forward-leaning-professional! Architects, Musicians, Dentists!”…….and onto step 2 (bandwagoning).

Remember- this is the stuff of 90 million dollar Super Bowl ads! Influence isn’t about conversations. It’s about Quality conversations!


The 7 in New Orleans


Earlier last week, before coming down here to the Louisiana State Dental Convention, I did a Polaris demo in rural Tennessee. I set up my gear in the break room, and waited for the staff to come in for the presentation. Waiting around for the staff caused me to sort of forget the 7, and when I began to present, I was right back to a not-so-high-quality conversation with the Dental staff. The demo went “ok.”  But, after I got back in the car and thought about it, I was frustrated that I could have done a much better “performance.”

So, when I got down here to New Orleans and set up my booth, I was determined to not slack off on the 7 Ingredients. My first few presentations were to sales reps. Then a dental hygienist came up to me to see my Comfort Stool. My fluid, confident, 7 ingredient performance went fantastically! She interjected some points. But I strained this very-high-quality conversation through the 7!

Her reaction was just what you hope for! She wasn’t the decision-maker, but as she walked away I had the impression that she wanted this stool bad! What can I say? These conversations just did not go this well 6 months ago!

It is my job to “package” what I sell nicely! To tie a nice bow around it, and to present it with confidence! To not do that is anti-sales! Wish me luck for tomorrow!

And it just feels more, and more……like……Confidence!

Using Hank’s mental model in Atlanta


When you go to a trade show as a sales rep, you obtain new product information. Often, new information is so plentiful that it is too much to even begin to remember. So, you throw the flyer into your bag and plan to think about it later. But what if you took “THE 7,” and you went to different manufacturer booths and used The 7 to quickly form a pitch?

In other words…

1. What is exciting about the new product? (Enthusiasm)

2. Why will this be a fast growing trend in Dentistry? (Bandwagoning)

3. Which big time dentists have been in involved here? (Testimonial)

4. What objections will come up that need squashing? (Objection handled early)

5. How will I use the manufacturer’s media tool (Lit) to guide my presentation? (Literature...Features that Count)

6. What can I say that is Exclusive about this product?

7. How might I ask for the business with contrast? (Close with Contrast)

See you in Atlanta!