Chair, Unit, Light, and…..Value



There are many choices. There are many brands. How do we move forward? Maybe the best way, is to simplify our approach. Business is all about exchange. It is an exchange of value for price. How much value can I give in exchange for what price? Forest gives us simple and robust engineering. We all know that. But, Forest is also the only Designer-Friendly product available. When you think of Forest’s color options, remember that we are giving more value to the customer. Let’s get excited about color! Let’s use the color to allow the Dentists to add more value for their patients!

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Tech, Spec, and more!



Don’t forget that if you need some quick technical information, look no further than If you look under the “resources” tab you will find quick short cuts to all of the tech, spec, dimension stuff………

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(By the way, Christmas 1981….the Millennium Falcon was under the tree. Will never forget unwrapping that present.)