The 7 Ingredients



Hank Barton once forced the entire PSA sales force to travel out to Hillsboro, Oregon. He stuck a video camera in front of us, and he forced us to present his products to him, by using “The 7.” He taught us that after all his years of selling, training, and seminars, that these were the most important keys to an excellent presentation:

Enthusiasm – the ultimate statement to get a presentation started.

Bandwagoning – conveying the idea that “everybody’s getting on this train.”

Testimonial – (tribal) testimonials are the nearby peers who use a similar product. Powerful stuff.

Objection Handled Early – the sales person brings it up first, and handles it early.

Literature – a sales aid. Here we’re trusting the marketing department. Pointing out features. Nuts and Bolts. Visual factor. Awesome flyer and images.

Exclusivity – this is the “hook.” Since no one else has this exclusive feature, why would we look anywhere else?

Close with contrast – Somehow contrast the final price to a higher price (suggested retail  versus final actual price, etc.)


The 7 Ingredients – A Simple Sales Idea to take Seriously.


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