My 90th Blog Post


This web space is now two and a half years old. I’ve got an hour to kill in a parking lot here, so I thought I’d do a little reflecting. What I love about SimpleIdeasTakenSeriously, is that they launch creativity. We all have it. Creativity is what allows us to have successful sales when maybe it wasn’t likely to happen. The Ideas can be best explained as something to wrap your head around. Back in early 2014, when I started this blog, I used the idea of a behavior filter. The concept that you would strain your own behavior through these Principles.

I’d like to take a moment to reflect on some of the ideas that I’ve written about over the last few years. I know these ideas have helped me in my life and I hope that they might help others as well. I tell my sons about the Simple Ideas. I tell them that I hope that one day they, might, take these Ideas just a little bit more seriously than their peers and their competitors. Once they take a good simple idea more seriously than the next person, they can use their own creativity to launch their many success plans. It will give them a sense of quiet confidence about having gone out and learned their own direction.

I’ve written about:

-The idea of a checklist for personal responsibility. Heart Surgeons, Airline Pilots, and the crafting of Personal Responsibility and Dependability.

-The idea of Argument Structure. The ancient bone structure of reason and persuasion. This is the mental model on how to be influential in an important business meeting. Maybe not necessarily in your words, but in your thoughts and preparation.

-The Idea that Familiarity sells.

-The Idea of taking personal responsibility for our personal finances. If, at least, in a simple way.

-The Idea that in the most difficult situations, we need to remember two words….. Calm and Kind for guaranteed ethical behavior.

-The Idea of having 2 questions to ask when evaluating Hi-Tec imaging equipment.

-The old Dale Carnegie Idea of taking an interest in others.

-The Ben Franklin filter. Is this practical? Is this useful?

-The Idea that the Leader is often just the one who simplifies things.

For those of you followers who take a glance at these posts once in a while, Thanks.

Gonna keep-on-a-trudging forward!




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