Pump up the Value (part 2)



I’ve written about Price and Value in the past. Let’s take a moment and look at these two words in a simple way.


It’s all numerics. Numbers are cruel and unforgiving. There is no room for presentation or subjectivity. Numbers leave little room for being creative, because it is all about the bottom line. Unfortunately, we can’t put our hands on the price and do much about it. Also, there is a constant as it pertains to Price. That constant is that Dentists would prefer to pay less-not more.

There is nothing we can do about Price other than send it to the printer.


Value can be affected by our own effort!

And here’s the thing – We all understand the concept of Price. There’s nothing there to discuss. But the Dentist, knowingly or unknowingly, is passionate about finding Value. Put yourself in the shoes of the Dentist for a moment and think hard about it. They want to be excited about what they get in exchange for their Capital! It is our job to provide that excitement and comfort.

Let’s not let price weigh us down. Let’s show the Dentists just what they didn’t know they were looking for. It will be fun and exciting.

Shameless plug : and here is a hint of what it might look like.



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