Ben Franklin…Practical and Useful.




Walter Isaacson is the famous biographer who wrote the well-known book about Steve Jobs. Darn. I still haven’t sat down and read that book. Mr. Isaacson also wrote a highly regarded bio on Ben Franklin. I managed to get through that book.

At times, it was a bit of a yawner. But at other times, there were great take-aways. The best stuff from Ben Franklin’s life was his ability to think correctly. Ben Franklin was a scientist, inventor, publisher, businessman, politician, and an author. But to me, he was a man who understood the limitations of his own human brain, and therefore developed systems to guard himself from error. That simple process made him one one of the most famous people in the world.

Walter Isaacson teaches us that Ben Franklin’s greatest contribution, was that he taught us to ask ourselves these two questions:

-Is this practical?

-Is this useful?

He taught us all, and continues to teach us all, this common sense in a humorous, self-help style. Men and women out on the Western frontier in Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri most likely read Franklin’s words in his famous Autobiography, and used Franklin’s practical thought systems and quotes, to avoid mistakes.

As salespeople, let’s just admit to ourselves that we are far from brilliant. We need tools to keep us on track. As we make our plans and conduct our tasks, let’s pause once in awhile, and ask ourselves the 2 questions……….is this Practical?…. is this Useful?

See ya soon!


Quick Plug- I’ve mentioned to many of my customers, the simplicity of a Psa Office. It is years and years of experience, that allow Psa manufacturers to make Practical and Useful dental equipment. These are safe, conservative, mistake-free choices, and I hope you’ll continue to join me in feeling that way!




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