5 Simple Ideas for Salespeople



This site is about taking simple ideas seriously. It is about taking the best ideas, and using them to guide decision-making. Our sales careers will someday end up to be, the sum of the decisions that we make. In the dental world, the waters and eddies, have been rippling and changing over the past few weeks. There are managerial zoning changes, manufacturer changes, new advances in CAD/CAM, and constant streams of new initiatives. How do we hold steady through these choppy waters?


Here are 5 Simple Sales Ideas, that can be used to make good plans. Think of these ideas as guidelines, strainers, filters, principles, values, that might buoy our direction.


1) The Idea of Taking an Interest in Others

Stress causes us to urgently want to take care of me, me, me. This is a trap. We’ve got to take a deep breath, calm down, and take time to take an interest in others. Every person we meet has something special to share. We’ve got to go out there and search for those things.

Every skill needs a tool. We need to make sure that we are ready to ask people that we meet, questions about them. Things like : upcoming vacations, family, family roots, future plans, personal thoughts on business, etc. We salespeople need to take the idea of taking an interest in others seriously. The famous Dale Carnegie book stressed this idea. Let’s be ready with these thoughtful questions. This is not insincere, manipulative stuff. Once we hear the answers, then we make personal connections and have fun.

2) The Idea of How Things Work

We often avoid being a Dental Sales Craftsman. Naturally, we avoid things like these: Looking into the mechanical room, the differences between stress points of E-max and Lava, what’s under that J-box-toe board, that dreaded imaging software, what’s under the lid of that control head, that ugly nitrous cylinder/tank room, etc. We need to not give up so easy. Like a mechanic, we need to stay calm and lean forward. We need to take seriously the idea of looking, and thinking a little harder.

3) The Idea of a Checklist

I have written about this simple idea in the past. More than any other industry, our industry involves taking a note. When you make a commitment to a dental clinician, make a quick note. The phrase “I Will..” holds a ton of weight in the dental business. Once we have our notes, how do we organize them? On a previous post, I mention the idea of personal responsibility. Most groups at some of my sales meetings in 2014, voted that the airline pilot is ranked at the very top, when it comes to personal responsibility. You can bet your bottom dollar, that before that jet plane leaves the runway, there is a serious, pre-flight checklist for personal responsibility.

4) The Idea of Video and Photography

We don’t even want to begin to ponder how much time in the day, the human species stares at a computer screen, or a smartphone screen. Influence is the name of the game. If I am going to buy it, I’ve got to be able to enjoy seeing it. Most of what we perceive is through our eyes. How do we behold, this idea of Video and Photography, and take it seriously?

(I’ll show you an example. Checkout Meisinger’s youtube videos.)

5) The Idea of Familiarity

Familiarity dovetails nicely with Idea #4. Video and Photography, can help us to get more familiar with what we might purchase. I have written before, about this idea of Familiarity. Just yesterday, one of my best customers told me about how he sold some Forest equipment . A doctor came into the showroom. The doctor was able to touch, feel, and see a Forest chair-unit-light package. The doctor laid on the chair, and found the Forest 3900 chair to be the most comfortable. The doctor handled the unit, touchpad, etc, and chose Forest. Why? Well, because Forest became familiar.

Forgive me, for the ridiculousness of just how simple that is, but we must understand that we need to take the idea of Familiarity seriously.



Let’s filter and strain our thoughts through simple ideas. This process will help us to think more correctly. It will also help us to avoid mistakes, and it will help us to avoid the stresses of the tumultuous waters that are out there in 2015.

Steady now.


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