Fixed Mindset versus Growth Mindset


I want to take this opportunity to write about one of the best books I ever read, Mindset. The author, Carol Dweck (Stanford Professor), has conducted research on human behavior and motivation for decades. Her largest contribution to her field has been this book. The theory that she brings forth, is that success is driven by our own personal, foundational views about where ability comes from. She watched children when they were younger, and she now knows them as adults. When she refers to the adults in the book, she will refer to them as something like, “male Adult A,” or, “female adult B.”


Over all these years, she has come to the conclusion that kids (and later as adults), have either a Fixed Mindset, or a Growth Mindset. Fixed Mindset children believe that their ability is just that, Fixed. Growth Mindset children are more apt to see themselves as change-able, and therefore are less guarded, and less fearful of failure. Both types can grow up and have success, but she concludes that the Growth Mindset allows for more success, less-stress, and an overall better life. There is a website for the book. And, at the website there is a great quote by some famous academic who once said, “I don’t divide the world into weak and strong, or the successes and failures….I divide the world into learners and nonlearners.” Mindset is a wonderful and convincing book, if you are ever looking for something fresh and new to read.


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