Business Ethics



“The life of a working person can be tense.” That’s what my mostly retired Mother said to me after I told her about the stressful week I had just experienced in the dental business. Last week I experienced high levels of stress. I won’t go into the details. Difficult customers were involved in difficult situations.

Looking back on last week reminds me of a book I read a few years ago.

For me, the idea of “Ethics” is something that has often been hard to define. Moral, Ethical, and Logical, have always been words that get muddled together. Right versus wrong. Technically right versus technically wrong. Right for the company, versus right for the individual. All of these trade-offs and contradictions can often make the idea of being an Ethical businessperson confusing.

After I read this book, I felt like I knew more about Ethics. The main take-away of the book was enlightening for me. It was this: In any difficult situation, it is always best to remain Calm and Kind. To validate the argument for Calm and Kind, the Author brings up examples where it is not just about Ethics, but it is about our survival as a species that we remain Calm and Kind. One beautiful metaphorical example that he uses is the visualization of a new born baby. When a baby is born in an ideal state, it immediately begins feeding. So, from the first second of your life, you are exposed to a mother who exudes kind, calm compassion. And in order for the baby to nurse, the baby also has to calm down and relax. So, from the get-go we are making a lot of common sense by being Calm and Kind.

(I know….it’s a bit much to talk about nursing in a dental sales blog, Lol)

I have had many difficult situations in business, since I finished reading this book. Often it has helped me, to just take a deep breath, and to take seriously the simple idea that I am going to remain Calm and Kind. This has also helped me to develop a sense of confidence about my personal business Ethics.

Obviously this would be very helpful in teen parenting as well.



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