ScanX (argued)


ScanX (argued)

Earlier, I posted on “Argument Structure.” Here is how we apply a simple argument to the selling of a ScanX:

Claim: I should sell my Doctor a ScanX (of course you should).

Evidence- ScanX has a flawless Track Record.
Evidence- Nearly 20 thousand happy users in U.S.
Evidence- Phosphor Plates dominate all of Europe.
Evidence- Unsurpassed intra-oral imaqe quality (Dental Advisor) (CR)
Evidence- Total Digital Solution- for a lot less money

Warrant- My selfish interests are to make this Doctor happy long term. If I can sell this Doctor a solution that reduces both anxiety and cost? Wow! I better let Matt go show this office a ScanX. I better let Matt go in there and take a Pan for my own sake!

And you know we’ll get that sale! And you’ll gain a friend, and a long term customer!


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