One of my best customers, when he first started to support me, he said this: “Matt, I want to sell more of your stuff. I’m just not completely comfortable with it. I just need to get more familiar with it.”

He even had a guilty expression on his face. As if, he truly wanted to give me his business. But, he just couldn’t pull the trigger, because he simply hadn’t seen it, and touched it enough. Wow. I got excited and set out on a mission of Familiarity. My most notorious moment was six months later. We were having dinner at a very nice steak house. I reached down into a box and laid an entire dental X-ray control box on the table cloth. The customers immediately starting laughing out loud. I told them about my thoughts about Familiarity. They appreciated the thought process. It’s always been a funny story for us to remember. We laugh about the fact that only Matt would have laid a dental X-ray on the table cloth! You know what? They started selling those X-rays. And yes, he continues to make fun of me to this very day.

Familiarity is a terribly simple idea. But I think it’s a good idea to take it Seriously.


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